Data Centre Belly Tank Controllers on Back-Up Generators


The customers are world leaders in the provision of Social Media systems and Data Storage. Power outage risks must be covered with rapid start back-up generator systems.

Application / Prob

This application requires a very large fuel capacity stored beneath containerised generators. Access to the top of the tanks is therfore fairly limited and the type of sensors that can be fitted are limited. They need to run for at least 48 hours on this tank of fuel. Emmissions compliance may mean this is not possible but the ability is there.


OLE have developed a multi function Gauge and Alarm package, providing Modbus RTU connectivity as well as volt free contacts and analogue outputs.

The T5020-T4000-TCS utilised a flexible cable hydrostatic sensor for measuring the level and in most cases, the product temeperature. These sensor are Bespoke and made to suit the tank height.  A water detection sensor is also incorporated, and this is also flexible. The Low level safety shut off circuit for the diesel heaters is another flexible cable sensor.

In 2020 OLE intend to introduce a PLC/HMI panel into the system to enable us to control not only the Tank Fuel levels but also the Fuel Polishing systems.