Preventative Maintenance in Hydro Power Plants

Hydro power – environmentally friendlyPreventative maintenance in Hyro Power Plants

The hydropower industry is an environmentally friendly energy source. With a contribution of 19% to global energy production, hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy. It is ranked fourth in electricity generation and has become an increasingly important mainstay in power production. It protects our earth's fossil fuel reserves, it is always available, it does not produce waste and it does not add to global warming. A total of 15 billion MW could be generated annually from rivers and reservoir lakes, therefore the demand for hydroelectric power is expected to grow over the next few years.


Customers require plant to operate reliably and continuously with very few shutdowns. In order to increase equipment availability, a vibration and condition monitoring system is a prerequisite.

Delphin has an answer to those demanding requirements and provides a flexible and comprehensive system that can be adapted to individual applications.

The VibroMessage device acquires vibration and process signals along with communication data from PLC via ProfiBus synchronously. The integrated AMDT/V2 module enables vibration analysis and monitoring in combination with other digital and analogue I/O modules from Delphin.