Product Reference Library

Product Reference Library
ATEX BarriersMore Information
420-WWW-BASE420-WWW Economy Web Monitoring systemMore Information
AdBlue®Gauges for Adblue-Urea DEFMore Information
ATEX SENSORSA12 to A20 ATEX Tank Sensor familyMore Information
B2B2 Water Bottom sensor.More Information
B2-ATEXATEX B2 Water bottom sensor kitMore Information
B2-TWater level and Temperature tank sensor combinedMore Information
B8-ATEXATEX Level Switch or Bund Probe and Barrier kitMore Information
B8-RangeB8 Level Sensors. Used for Bund, or High , or Low LevelsMore Information
C2020C2020 Tank Gauge SeriesMore Information
CABLE-2403-POFYDCABLE-2403-POFYD Double sheathed 6 core cable.More Information
CABLE-3CVCable 3 core Vented - for extending underground tank sensorsMore Information
CABLE-4-BLACKCable 4 core Black Screened Black-Brown-Green-BlueMore Information
CABLE-4-BLUECABLE-4-BLUE Cable 4 core ATEX ApplicationsMore Information
CXX-PROBESCxx Voltage Tank Sensor Series for C series GaugesMore Information
R5R5 has 4 x Level and 1x Bund or High Volt Free ContactMore Information
T1000T1000 Inline Turbine Flowmeters with Pulse OutputMore Information
T3100T3100 Web Monitoring SystemMore Information
T4000T4000 Alarm Monitor and ControllerMore Information
T4000-GXXGXX Rigid float switch probesMore Information
T4020T4020 Tank Gauge SeriesMore Information
T4020-01Configuration Software for T4020-T5020-Z5020More Information
T4020-1AT4020-1A Tank Gauge kit with Alarm ,No Sensor,More Information
T4020-1O-COVKITT4020 Display Front Panel. No electricsMore Information
T4020-2IN2 Inch U-Bolt Set With Back PlateMore Information
T4020-3IN3 Inch U-Bolt Set With Back PlateMore Information
T4020-BJ2External Tank Sensor connection for Type A12-A20 and C23-C27 sensors.More Information
T4020-BXXT4020-Bxx Commercial Sensor RangeMore Information
T4020-EGEG Power Supply, 90 to 260 vac 50-60Hz Out 24vdc 1.1AMore Information
T4020-EJATEX Junction Box with three entries and 4 terminalsMore Information
T4020-EXEx External Power supply for OLE Gauges and ControllersMore Information
T4020-FR24-BIGLarge Remote Flashing Beacon Red 24VDCMore Information
T4020-M1M1- Mounting Kit all 316ss.More Information
T4020-N11 Inch BSPT M X Half Inch BSPT F Nylon Black ReducerMore Information
T4020-N1.5-N0.5Adaptor 1.5 Inch BSPT Male to 0.5 Inch BSPT Female Reducing BushMore Information
T4020-N1.5-N1Adaptor 1.5 Inch BSPT Male to 1 Inch BSPT Female Reducing BushMore Information
T4020-N2.0-N1Plastic Adaptor 2 inch BSPT Male To 1 Inch BSPT Female Reducing BushMore Information
T4020-NJNJ Tank Fitting 1 inch BSPT Sensor supportMore Information
T4020-OJOJ Tank Fitting. 30 mm clear hole Expanding sealMore Information
T5020T5020 Tank Gauge SeriesMore Information
T5020-10Configuration Kit for Windows 10 Laptop T5020-Z5020 unitsMore Information
T5020-1A-COVKITT5020 Display Front panel with Light and Alarm, NO ELECTRONICSMore Information
T5020-1A-FRONTT5020-1A-FRONT , with DISPLAY BOARD and Light and Alarm and all connectorsMore Information
T5020-MIRRMirror -Duplicate Gauge unit for T5020 seriesMore Information
T6100T6100 Series Tank Gauges with Web MonitorsMore Information
Tank-KitTank-Kit Complete Tank Connection Kit for sensorsMore Information
TPTemperature Probe for T4020 and T5020 and T3100More Information
TXX-JBOX-KITJunction Box Kit Consists of 3 x M20 Glands and 4 way terminal included as well as vent plug IP65More Information
TXX-N2.0-FEM-2x162 Inch Female Threaded Plastic Cap, with 2 x M16 ATEX Blue Glands fittedMore Information
TXX-N2.0-N0.52 Inch Male thread With Half Inch Female Thread Plastic ReducerMore Information
Z2000Z2000 ATEX Low Cost Tank Gauge SeriesMore Information
Z4000Z4000 Alarm Monitor and ControllerMore Information
Z5020-ATEXZ5020 ATEX Tank Gauge SeriesMore Information