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420-WWW    Economy Web Monitoring system
420-WWW Economy Web Monitoring system

This Web Module monitors 4-20 mA outputs from any Instrument.

Designed by OLE for use with C2020, T4020 and T5020 Series Gauges

SIM and hosting fee's apply after first 24 months

Product Options
420-WWW 2G Economy Web Monitoring module
420-WWW-4G 4G Communications web monitor for C2020 and T5020 Gauges
C2020-A-WWW-C23 C2020 Gauge kit 3.0 Meter Tank Web Logger and Alarm 2G
C2020-A-WWW-C25 C2020 Gauge kit 5.0 meter Tank web logger and Alarm 2G
C2020-A-WWW-C27 C2020 Gauge kit 10 meter Tank with Web Monitor 2G and Alarm
420-WWW-HOST Two Years Hosting fee for all above
SIM GDSP 24 ACTIVE Two Years SIM supplied active for EU and UK
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420-WWW Economy Web Monitoring system added to enquiry

GPRS / GDSP  Web Viewer

A unique web programmable Monitoring Unit.  

Any 24vdc  4-20 mA output can be monitored and scaled by this simple monitor.

Connects directly to:-

            OLE C2020 1%   Tank Gauge

            OLE T4020 1/2% Tank Gauge

            OLE T5020 1/4% Tank Gauge

or any Instrument giving a 4-20 milliamp output signal.


Simple single 3 core cable connection +24vdc, Signal,0 ve. 


Dial the number on the Monitor,  log the serial number with the operator, receive a user name and password and log in.

Set the scaling by putting in the maximum 20 milliamp value, such as tank capacity or  temperature value or pressure value.


120 minute logging provides 12 level samples per day.

The web site has e-mail trigger set point for re-order. Exception reporting, and exportable history are standard features.



These Monitors are ideal for applications requiring data on fuel levels from remote locations, every 2 hours.

(For faster logging, and two way communications, see T3100 model)

The data can be exported in .csv format, and viewed as graphs.


The web site allows you to set up e-mail triggers at % thresholds, so you do not need to worry. the tank will call you when the level is reached, or the meter will e-mail if the flow rate exceeds the preset level.


Most issues with this product are SIM related.

If calling calling for assistance please ensure you have the unit serial number and SIM type.