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C2020 Tank Gauge Series
C2020 Tank Gauge Series

Digital Tank Gauge +/-1.0% with Backlit display.

Rated weatherproof IP65 (OK to be left out in the rain)
Litres and % Bar Graph are displayed. Low and High Trigger points are displayed. 4-20 milliamp Output.
Calibration of cuboid , Cylindrical, Horizontal Cylindrical with Dished ends. Front panel calibration.

Comes with Sensor and a 1" BSPT Tank fitting with cable clamp.

Product Options
C2020-O-C23 Tank Gauge kit 0.3 to 3.0 meter Tank, No Alarms, 4-20 mA Output
C2020-A-C23 Tank Gauge for 0.3 to 3 meter tank with Alarm and 4-20 mA OP
C2020-A-C25 Tank Gauge kit 5.0 meter with Alarms and 4-20mA Output
C2020-A-C27 Tank Gauge kit 10 meter with Alarms and 4-20mA Output
C2020-A + 420-WWW Tank Gauge kit with web logger. - See 420-WWW monitors
C2020-A-MIRR Mirror Gauge for C2020 models. with 4-20 mA output
C2020-B-CLS070 Belly Tank Gauge kit 200 to 700 mm with High Alarm and 4-20 mA output NOTE - C2020-CLS-PROGRAM must be purchased with this kit
C2020-CLS-PROGRAM C2020-CLS-PROGRAM CLS2 Capacitance level Probe. Programming module for cut probe setting.
CALIB-C2020 Calibration of C2020 Gauge based on client supplied dimensions
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Power supply can be 12/24vdc or 100/240 vac.
Power connection M20 with Cable Gland
Sensor connection to Gauge M16 Cable Gland.

Mounting is through case (screw kit, M4 x 18 mm is included in each kit)

The C2020-A-CXX  Tank Gauge comes with the following standard features

  • Backlit digital display giving 1% accuracy
  • High and Low level Audible and Visual Alarms
  • 1" BSPT Tank gland fitting.
  • Local Calibration for most tank shapes
  •  4-20 milliamp output proportional to litres
  • Bund Alarm input circuit (for versions with Sounders)
  • Multi-voltage power supply
  • For out-door use, from -10 degC to + 60 degC.
  • Complies with requirements of BS799

 The C2020-A-C23 comes as above with a 3 meter range volage sensor

 The C2020-A-C25 comes as above, with a 5 meter range Voltage sensor

 The C2020-A-C27 comes as above, with a 10 meter range Voltage sensor

 For C2020-A-WWW-Cxx the kit comes with the same specification as above, plus a 420-WWW web logger.

 CALIBRATION : This is performed using the front panel keys after selecting the calibration mode switch within the gauge.

Milliamp sensors can also be connected to the C2020 Gauge system as two wire


Suitable for Diesel, Gasoil, Kerosene, AdBlue, Water, Lube Oil, Grey Water.

(This is a Non Atex Gauge.  Use Z2000 for Atex requirements)


Technical Questions

Q/   What does 1% accuracy really mean.

A/  1% is the overall accuracy of the Gauge. If the tank is a 10,000 litre tank, 1% is 100 litres.This is at any time

     or position in the tank. This is combining Linearity, Thermal affects and overall accuracy.

Q/    Why would I buy a T5020 instead of a C2020. 

A/     If you need RS485 Modbus RTU communications with Building management system (BMS)or

        Fuel Management systems,  then the "T" series may be required.

A/     If you are looking for 0.5% accuracy or better then the T4020 and T5020 series are better suited.


Q/   How far can I mount the display box (Gauge) from the Sensor.

A/   Up to 100 meters when using the C series voltage sensors and low loss cable (see "CABLE-4-BLACK)

      Up to 200 meters when using the A and B series "milliamp sensors" (see CABLE-$-BLACK)


Q/   How much current does the unit draw?

A/   80 mA

Installation Questions

Q/     How do I set the Span up for the Tank sensor.  Tank sensors are C22, C23, C25 and C27

A/     Scroll through to section 10 amd 11 of the set-up sheet and make the span match the sensor range


Q/     Why does the Gauge read lower than we expected.

A/     If the sensor is 50 mm off the bottom, check this OFFSET has been set in Sensor Settings screen

        (Sensor Settings screen is accessible in the Calibration mode)

A/    Check the specific Gravity is correctly set. (The gauge is shipped with SG = 1.00)

A/    The sensor Max setting can be adjusted downwards in steps of 0.05 volts to improve accuracy. (Min set 4.3v)


Q/    Why does the Gauge read Higher than we expected.

A/   Is the tank size set, the inner tank size or the outer tank size

A/   If the sensor has been installed on the bottom of the tank it should be raised to 50 mm ( Unless in AdBlue or 

      other water based liquids)

A/   The Sensor Max setting can be adjusted upwards in steps of 0.05 volts to improve accuracy. (Max set 4.7v)  

      This will bring the Gauge reading down a little.

Q/    The Gauge reads full, and does not register and changes.

A/   The guage when over 100% will not change readings. Lift the sensor a little to see the level falls if you are in

      doubt. Check the tank height for accuracy of input measurement.

A/   If only two wires from the probe are connected it will read full on a voltage sensor.