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T3100 Web Monitoring System
T3100 Web Monitoring System

The T3100 Series are powerful web monitors and controllers.

Capable of connecting to multiple devices such as Tank gauges and Pump Conrtol / Alarms systems

All Units require Hosting and SIM cards unless an ethernet connection is available.

Product Options
T3100-MINI 3G Modbus RTU and 4xIn 4xOut plus Ethernet and local Display
T3100-MAXI MAXI Web Monitor t-mac 12 I-O plus Ethernet and Modbus
T3100-HOST T3100 series Annual Hosting charge for Web view with Control
SIM-GPRS-12-ACTIVE Annual fee SIM Card Vodafone as standard UK region
T3100-TASK-THEFT Theft or Loss Detection Task creation Time Based
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The T-3100 is a unique remote monitoring system that is ideal for the monitoring of unattended equipment and locations. Mini t-mac module incorporated

This advanced telemetry device allows two-way communication between monitoring stations, and our unique web based server access port.

Historical and current site data can be viewed and exported from a password protected web site viewer, by csv or similar. The system can be programmed to send SMS text messages and e-mails to multiple recipients, based on abnormal  ‘things happening during the night’ or at certain times during the day.

T-3100 utilises the latest technology to send Data, over a standard  GPRS network, enabling communication with remote equipment anywhere in the world.

Modular plug in allows Remote monitoring to be added to existing T5020 Tank Gauges, or incorporated day one.

The T3100 can monitor any Modbus protocol device.



T-3100 can provide: ……….

a  Status information of remote condition.

a  Emergency messages / Alarms Leak / Theft Triggers   (e-mails)

a  Automatic ordering systems, (e-mails)

a  Automatic Daily readings / logs

a  Automatic Pre-Post Delivery e-mails,

a  Automatic maintenance program,

a  Automatic control functions,

a  Automatic logic match control.

a  High Level Alarms 115 dB.

a  Data-logging for historical analysis


The T3100 can be used for connecting to multiple tank gauges on one site.

(Up to 32 Gauges can be monitored by one web logger unit.)


The T3100 can be used as a Theft monitor for single tanks as well as providing historical data.


Q1/     How many tanks can one system monitor?

A/       We can monitor up to 32 tanks on one web monitor, but the number of registers we can log is limited

          This means we could monitor the litres in all 32 tanks, and monitor the temperature in all 32 tanks but we could not  monitor all 32 tanks with all of the features and modbus registers. Suggest for full function systems, one units is installed per 16 tanks.


Q2/     Can we supply our own sim card.

A/       Yes, if it is one of the major players and you know the APN code and internet user name / passowrd.


Q3/     The units seem to log in at random times and not always with current data.

A/       Signal strength is low.  On the Hosting web site, look at "STATS" and at the bottom there is signal strength.

          This is 1 to 32 where 32 is excellent. Under 6 or 8 and we suggest a High Gain Antenna is used or a different

          SIM provider.