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T4020 Tank Gauge Series
T4020 Tank Gauge Series

This Product has been superseded by T5020 series

***Please search T5020***

Digital Tank Gauge. Accuracy+/- 0.5%

This Gauge Kit, weatherproof Rated IP65 enclosure. for outdoor use, and with a Backlight that enables easy reading.
Litres and % Bar are displayed. 

Repairs and upgrades to this unit as available until the end of 2025

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T4020 T4020 Tank Gauge Series
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Litres and % Bar Graph are displayed.  M (Master) and 1,2,3 Trigger points are displayed.

Calibration is by way of PC software and interface dongle  RS485.

Calibration of cuboid , Cylindrical, Cylindrical with Dished ends, bespoke based on strapping table.

Suitable for Diesel, Gasoil, Kerosene, AdBlue, Water, Lube Oil, Grey Water.

"1O" versions have NO Audible Alarms, (so are not recommended for used with Bund Probes).

"1A" versions have red LED Lamp to advise of High Alarm condition, or selectable for low Audible Alarm with test and acknowledge function;

The 1A sirens have 110 dB at 1 meter. (Std set at 95% rising) Alarm can be set on either Rising or Falling. The Alarm state shows as "M" on the front panel. As standard the Red LED on Front panel mimics the "M" Alarm Condition. ( Can be wired/ set at different %age output)

Every kit comes with Tank Sensor. 

Tank Connection kit  is 1" BSPT Male,  Expanding fitting for 30 mm hole and IP66 Junction box.

(For underground tanks,  order T4020-UJ. This has an IP68 in line joiner + 10 meters of vented cable)

Power supply is 24vdc and 100/240 vac as standard. Power connection M20 with Cable GlandSensor connection is M16 cable Gland.  Output is M16 Cable Gland.

Mounting is through case screw kit, M4 x 18 mm long screws with Nylock nuts A2.

Outputs, 4-20 mA proportional to litres, active or passive ( For BMS connection)Outputs,

Outputs, RS485 or Modbus Communications (selectable at order or with configurator software)

Outputs, FET 24vdc x 4 settable with software for Gauge level triggers. (or wire to relays) (FET = Field Effect Transistors, can power sirens, LEDS, Relays etc).


Suitable for Diesel, Gasoil, Kerosene, AdBlue, Water, Lube Oil, Grey Water, and many other liquids.

(New ATEX Legislation may require ATEX Zoned Gauges to be used for Diesel and Kerosene. Please see Product Group, Z5020-ATEX)



Common Product Secific Gravities

Diesel      = 0.835

Kerosene = 0.79 to 0.81

Gasoil      = 0.84

Lube oil   = 0.87 to 0.89

Water     = 1.00

Urea DEF = 1.09

Anti-freeze = 1.04