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T5020 Tank Gauge Series
T5020 Tank Gauge Series

Accuracy +/- 0.25% or better.   Two (2) Year Warranty

Litres Display and % Bar and Alarm Status,    

4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus RTU as standard

Suitable for any height / shape of Tank.          

Low Installation & Maintenance Costs

Product Options
T5020-1A T5020-1A Gauge with Alarm and Light, NO TANK SENSOR
T5020-1A-3M T5020-1A-3M Tank Gauge Kit for 3.0 meter tank
T5020-1A-5M T5020-1A-5M Tank Gauge Kit for 5.0 meter tank
T5020-1A-10M T5020-1A-10M Tank Gauge Kit for 10 meter tank
T5020-1A-20M T5020-1A-20M Tank Gauge Kit for 20 meter tank
T5020-1A-30M T5020-1A-30M Tank Gauge Kit for 30 meter tank
T5020-MIRR Mirror -Duplicate Gauge unit for T5020 series
CALIB-T5020 Calibration of T5020 Gauge based on client supplied dimensions
(T4020-01) Configuration Kit for Windows 10 Laptop T5020-Z5020 units
T5020-1A-FRONT T5020-1A-FRONT , with DISPLAY BOARD and Light and Alarm and all connectors
T5020-1A-COVKIT T5020 Display Front panel with Light and Alarm, NO ELECTRONICS
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T5020 Tank Gauge Series added to enquiry

Accuracy    +/- 0.25%   or better.

4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus as standard

Weatherproof IP65 enclosures

Suitable for any height / shape of Tank

Alarm Test Functions Two button auto reset operation                             

Single power connection for multi-functions

Replaces separate  Gauge, High / Low /&   Bund Alarms

Adjustable Resolution , Adjustable Safe Working Capacity

Alarms      HIGH / BUND/ LOW / WATER

M= Master  alarm % Settable provides  110 dB at 1 meter, and  has a front panel  

      acknowledge button. Test and Mute function  supplied   as   factory  standard

H = Additional Contact Alarm, such as Low level or Mechanical High Switch (NC)

B = BUND Contact Alarm, for mechanical Switch (NC)

      Additional  LED lights or Volt Free Outputs are optional

R5   Relay option for volt free contacts. Please order as seperate item.



Single or Multiple Tank Gauging for any liquid or solid. Any tank shape can be programmed in this system. Designed for Safe area installation.  (For EexiaIIc, Atex Zone 0/1 can be accommodated, see Z5020-ATEX Family)


Sensor Options.

Any 4-20 milliamp device can be used to measure the product.  As standard OLE utilise pressure transmitters. (Pressure transmitters come with 12 months warranty) 

Options of Ultrasonic and Radar are available.

DP sensors are offered for pressurised tanks, either intrusive for ambient liquids, or external for cryogenic applications. See T5020-ATEX Family



The T5020 provides an RS485 Modbus RTU connection into any suitable reader, or can be made into a remote gauge by the addition of an OLE  T3100 GPRS web logger and Theft detector and e-mailer.


See also The "Full version I and O manual" in "Document Download" section


Q/  Why can I not connect the laptop to the Gauge

A/  There are three checks you need to make.

      1/ Power down the gauge and power back up, and make sure the bottom right of the display says "Standard" and not "Modbus".   If it says Modbus, the protocol needs to be changed whilst you are performing calibrations. To do this, power the unit down, press and hold the "Alarm Test / Acko" Button, and power the unit back up. You have to keep the button pressed for 3 or 4 seconds as the unit powers up to see the "Standard" now appear in the bottom right. Allow at least 15 seconds before powering up or down after changing from standard to Modbus or Vice versa. (This will stop screen pixilation which may occur if the system is diconnected whilst changing between communications languages)

     2/  Node ID. This is the address of the gauge for communications. like a house number.  You can find this by pressing the scroll screen button. It is likely to be 99 as shipped from the factory, or between 1 and 32 if set by user.

    3/  Windows 8 and 10 add port numbers whenever a USB item is connected.  You need to know what address the lap-top or PC thinks this is. Please refer to the Document Download above to check the Configuration communication set-up.

                More information on this troubleshooting under search  "T4020-01"


Q/ The screen has become disrupted / pixilated

A/  A rare occuracnce that is probably caused by power up/down when the unit is changed from Modbus to Standard, or Vice versa, and has not completed its full power up or down sequence. Allow 15 seconds in between changing language protocols.

Q/ How much current does the unit draw?

A/  80 mA

Q/  How many units can I connect together plus a T-MAC?

A/   You can connect 6 units plus 1 x T-MAC