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T6100 Series Tank Gauges with Web Monitors added to enquiry
T6100 Series Tank Gauges with Web Monitors
T6100 Series Tank Gauges with Web Monitors

T6100-WWW-KIT  Tank Monitors using magnet float arms or float on rope Gauges

T6100-X-C23 Tank Monitors using a Hydrostatic pressure sensor (blind). 2G or 4G options

Product Options
T6100-WWW-KIT T6100 Series 2G Magnet Tank Gauge and Web Monitor
T6100-2-C23 T6100-2-C23 GDSP 2G Web Connected 3 meter Tank Monitor
SIM-GDSP-24-ACTIVE T6100 24 Months SIM Card GDSP World wide coverage
420 WWW HOST T6100 2 Year hosting plan on
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T6100 Series Tank Gauges with Web Monitors added to enquiry

Using the GDSP communications data network, the device monitors either 2” or 4” Rochester style magnetic Gauges.

The device uses GDSP SIM system as standard. This is a data network that is independent to the voice mobile network, so is unaffected by events such as New Year ’s Eve text overload.

The T6100-WWW-KIT has a local indicator gauge replacing a 2" 'Rochester Style magnetic gauge. and the GDSP/GPRS updates the web site when it reaches 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% levels.     There is also a 10 Day integrity call in.

Note the 2G and 4G options

The T6100-2-XXX-C23 has a Hydrostatic pressure sensor (0-3 meter range) connected and lowered into the tank. There is no local indication with this version. This unit updates the web site when it sees a change in level value.

(For more frequent logging requirements, please refer to C2020-A-WWW systems)


Multiple recipients, set to send when threshold report in value is triggered.

Exception reporting.

This system is designed to advise when a trigger point has been reached, which reduces the operational effort required to run the system.

Battery Life

The T6100 units are expected to have a 5 year battery life, however higher movement fuel tanks may require replacement in lesser time frames.


These battery powered devices have many applications.


T6100-WWW-KIT is used on mainly 1000 to 3000 litre cube tanks such as the Western TransCube.

The T6100-2-XXX-C23 is used in tanks from 0.5 to 3.0 meter high where there is a top of tank connection point. This can be any type of tank and most products (Consult factory for Petrol / Gasoline)