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Z5020 ATEX Tank Gauge Series
Z5020 ATEX Tank Gauge Series

This 0.25% accuracy range of ATEX Gauges also have adjustable Safe Working Capacity

Sensors are Zone 0/1 Certified.  ATEX Junction box included Zone 0/1

Gauge enclosures are IP65 and suitable for ATEX Zone 2.


The A12 to A20 versions are for vented tanks

The DP12 system is for tanks with Vapour Recovery, so correct for slight vaccum or pressure above the liquid.

Product Options
Z5020-1A-ATEX-A12 ATEX Gauge kit with 3 meter sensor, for vented tanks
Z5020-1A-ATEX-A14 ATEX Gauge Kit with 5.0 meter sensor
Z5020-1A-ATEX-A16 ATEX-Gauge kit with 10 meter sensor
Z5020-1A-ATEX-A18 ATEX Gauge kit with 20 meter sensor
Z5020-1A-ATEX-A20 ATEX Gauge kit with 30 meter sensor
Z5020-1A-ATEX-DP12 ATEX-DP12 Gauge kit with Flexible DP sensor 0-3 M. Vapour Rec.
CALIB-Z5020 Calibration of Z5020 Gauge based on client supplied dimesnions
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Z5020 Features  

Auto Backlit Display  showing: Contents, Capacity, Ullage, Alarms, Status Bar & Tank Name.

Accuracy    +/- 0.25%   or better.

Two  (2) Year Warranty

4-20 mA output for BMS + Modbus as standard

Weatherproof IP65 enclosures

Suitable for any height / shape of Tank

Lower Installation & Maintenance

Alarm Test Functions

Two button auto reset operation                             

Single power connection for multi-functions

 Replaces separate  Gauge, High / Low & Bund Alarms


Modular Options

+ Bund Alarm (Fail Safe)    (B)  

+ High Level Alarm            (M)

+ Extra Level Alarm Mechanical (H)   Or Low Level Alarm Mechanical Or Water Bottom  Mechanical


Applications. A12 to A20 sensors are for vented tanks. D11 and M12 &DPE 5 for pressurised tanks.

Single or Multiple Tank Gauging for hazardous liquids such as Kerosene or Petrol.

Any tank shape can be programmed in this system, achieving 0.25% accuracy.

Digital Display unit must be mounted in a Zone 2 or Safe area.

Connection to the tank sensor is via a Barrier system.

Tank sensors are EexiaIIcT6, Atex Zone 0/1

(Display must be in Zone 2 or Safe area)



With simplicity in mind, the Z5020 system can be installed in less than 1 hour. Sensor into tank, wired to display, mounted on wall or pipe. Plug in lap top configuration. Test Alarm and scroll screen….

Power supply can be 24vdc, so no mains power required at fill point to power gauge system. 100-240 vac power supply option may be selected.


Q1/   Is the Z5020 the same to set up as the T5020

A1/   Yes, same mother board.


Q2/  Can we use a Bund sensor on the Z5020

A2/  Yes you can use B8-ATEX for Bund and B2-ATEX for Water bottom, and B8-ATEX for High High Alarm